About Us

LND – Love Never Dies

A message from the founders - Lusi and Dani

As Covid-19 swept the globe at the beginning of 2020, we as individuals felt the impact of abrupt changes in daily routines to preserve the physical wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones. At the same time, we suddenly found ourselves in a world of informational chaos and rapidly shifting updates and news, all the while being restricted physically and confined to our own homes – our bodies stopped, but our minds became busier than ever.

In this strange new reality, we understood the devastating effect of a second pandemic growing in parallel – that of the toll it was taking on our mental health. Already an area of growing concern, the impact of Covid on mental health issues has quickly become a well-documented burden.

Mental Health Matters

LND was born from the desire to address these challenges face on, to reach out in support and play a part in making a difference for the better.

From concept to design and development, LND wristbands have been inspired by a journey of experience; understanding, healing, and reflection, bound by positivity and openness. They are more than just gorgeous accessories, they are mobile mantras, to be taken with the mindful wearer as a reminder that strength and hope are ideas to be adopted into our daily routine. We all have days when we can forget just how far we’ve come. Behind each one of our piece of jewellery there is a story with a unique message intended to empower the wearer, and eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding mental health issues.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” – Brene Brown, author.

It’s a sad fact that even if you have not experienced mental health hardship yourself, you likely know someone who has. Our jewellery is not only for the survivors, they are for the supporters too; for those who stand in solidarity, or want to remind others that they are loved for being just who they are. And our support goes further than just talk, we want to give back too which is why a portion of every single wristband sale will be donated to a charity making a real difference to people experiencing difficulty with their own mental health.

LND is founded around our core values:

  • Individual empowerment – we believe everyone should have the right to nurture their wellbeing while refusing to limit their self-expression.
  • Openness and understanding– we will foster an environment and space to talk openly about all issues related to mental health without fear of judgement.
  • Supporting local suppliers - We collaborated with independent UK creators to produce designs that spread smiles and resonate with people, so you can add a personal touch to your accessories.
  • Charitable giving - Giving back is a pillar of our company, we want to make a real difference. That’s why we have decided to donate to a registered charity working in the field of mental health support and awareness. 
  • Diversity and inclusion - At LND we support diversity and inclusivity, and we support both the LGBTQ+ community and raise dementia awareness with our specialised designs and charitable funding.
  • Sustainable progress – as we grow, LND is committed to sourcing from sustainable suppliers at every stage of the development process right through from concept to distribution.


What does good mental health mean to you?

At LND we are more than a brand; we are more than just the sum of our products. It is our goal to create a community of support to encourage learning and cultivate conversation through events, initiatives and open dialogue.

Lusi & Dani